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Episode 85: Love, Death and Crackdown 3

Episode 85: Love, Death and Crackdown 3

Maybe robots too?

We're back, again, and this time catching up on what we're watching! And some games. Never not games.We also run through Nintendo's Nintendo Direct, Sony's Nintendo Direct, and Apple's Nintendo Direct!

Published:2019-03-27 22:00:08 - categories: podcasts - tags: AmericanGods, AssassinsCreedOdyssey, Crackdown3, DC, FinalFantasyVII, NintendoSwitch, Persona5, SeaOfThieves, Spider-ManIntoTheSpiderVerse, TheDragonPrince, WeirdCity, LoveDeathAndRobots, ChocobosMysteryDungeon, LittleDragonsCafe, TheFavourite, TheLobster, ThePredator

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