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Episode 46: Introducing the FullerHouseCast

Episode 46: Introducing the FullerHouseCast

Life is fuller with family.

Look, we're just gonna say it: video games are a dead medium. We all know it. Starting this week, we're introducing the FullerHouseCast, dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to the revived television series on Netflix, led by number one fan Cliff. We definitely don't take time out to talk Pokemon fighters, suicidal horse-men, electric sheep dreams and steam-powered spelunking.

Nope. Just Fuller House.

Published: 2017-09-25 00:01:57 - categories: podcasts - tags: Destiny2, RedDeadRedemption2, FullerHouse, TheOrville, BojackHorseman, PokkenTournamentDX, SteamworldDig2, ThimbleweedPark, PhillipKDicksElectricDreams, TokyoGameShow, TGS

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