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Episode 72: Telltold

Episode 72: Telltold

Tale as told as time...

This week we Netflix and chat, as Matt mostly watches TV and Cliff mostly plays older games. We discuss comic news good, bad and phallic, and the unfortunate closure of the studio that brught point and click adventures back to the mainstream.

Published: 2018-09-25 19:29:06 - categories: podcasts - tags: Batman, BojackHorseman, CaptainMarvel, HandmaidsTale, Minecraft, ParadisePD, PokemonGo, Telltale, TheDragonPrince, AssassinsCreedOdyssey, Bleach, DeathStranding, Joker, Chongus, AvatarTheLastAirbender, RainbowSixSiege, PlaystationOneClassic

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