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Episode 65: The Indoorsman 2 - Turtles in Time

Episode 65: The Indoorsman 2 - Turtles in Time

Cowabunga, listeners!

OK this time we're probably back for realsies! Welcome to the slick new, edgy reboot of The Indoorsman, modernised for the '90s. We've got drama, sex, teen drinking, and confrontational new storylines about current issues like doing a weed and resisting peer pressure, with famous guest stars every week! This isn't your PARENT'S Indoorsman any more, it's far too cutting edge.

Also we talk about like, video games and movie trailers and stuff. Complete with a Jessica Jones spoiler section at the end!

We have shirts now! Visit to brand yourself, loyally.

Published: 2018-03-20 00:08:46 - categories: podcasts - tags: AvengersInfinityWar, FantasticBeastsAndWhereToFindThem, FinalFantasyVII, FinalFantasyXV, Kirby, RickAndMorty, StardewValley, TheWitcher, Yakuza6, Superflight, HandSimulator, ShadowOfTheTombRaider, ReadyPlayerOne, Fortnite, NailedIt, JessicaJones

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